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PhraSomdej WatRakhang PimYai
By Purt Raksasab
(Thailandamulets.com / Thailandamulet.com)
Start with PimYai (Big Mould) is the main Phrapratarn Buddha mould and the biggest image of Buddha center with frame in the amulet. PimYai are not the most rare but are most affordable value in market and the most amount created by Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh himself. Among market, PhraSomdej WatRakhang PimYai is the standard Pim of amulet. Still other collectors may find more beauty of other pim on PhraSomdej. This PhraSomdej Wat Rakhang is one of the master amulet from the mould type of PimYai(Big Mould). There are perfect amulet and very beautiful. The amulet have admired by many experienced collectors, The amulet come from the genuine mould with all verify spot prove them well. All information base on PhraSomdej's book by Mr.Treyumpawai. Mr.Purt Raksasab Thailandamulets.com
The back side of PhraSomdej prove well of how old they are with the cracking and flow of ingredients mixed in the amulets, the original PhraSomdej amulets will show the famous verify spot here as follow. The back side of this PhraSomdej is perfect and beautiful.

The amulet is beautiful with materials grains, the flow of ingredients and ittijay powders. Very rare with the line of sunkathi monk's robe cut through the right chest. The amulet show to be one best and example of PhraSomdej Wat Rakhang PimYai(big mould) type A Aok-V. The V-chest PhraSomdej type.

The back side is easy to judge with the back edges becoming sidges, the crack surface prove well the oldness of the amulet.

PhraSomdej WatRakhang is the most powerful Buddha amulets in Thailand blessed/chanted by Somdej Toh the legendary guru monk. With history, how to made the amulet, ceremonies and creator. PhraSomdej have the highest afford value in market and most precious Buddha amulet in Thailand.
There is 3 simple rules for the genuine PhraSomdej.
1. Mould type must be standard.
2. Materials and Ingredients must be correct
3. The look of PhraSomdej exact the age
PhraSomdej WatRakhang Khunsree PimYai
1. Mould type must be standard.
All genuine PhraSomdej come from the same moulds, expert find it easy to tell once they have been learned and see through the genuine PhraSomdej. As the old once said "You never know what is fake until you know what is real". PhraSomdej which pump out by hand come from the same mould(block) for each different mould type create by Somdej Toh and the palace goldsmith Luang Vijarn Jeranai, all the verify spot must be correct regards the original mould of the amulet.
2. Materials and Ingredients must correct.
PhraSomdej must have the right ingredients regards each Pim(Mould type) that inserted while made the amulet by Somdej Toh and the temple, the amulet can see the flow of ingredients shown onto the surface, which type of materials ex. incense holy powder, powder from flower pollen, 5 holy powder which expert must known the prodedure on how Somdej Toh made these special 5 holy powder to made PhraSomdej. Thailandamulets.com have this information regards on each holy powder were made and consecrate by Somdej Toh, all the procedure to made PhraSomdej, and also mantras, yans(spells letters) that were all use in the ceremony by Somdej Toh for consecrate PhraSomdej, though we only point to this matter on how to verify PhraSomdej amulet in this section.
3. The look of PhraSomdej exact the age.
All PhraSomdej have good old history which made since b.e.2400+ by Somdej Toh, we can tell the old look of the amulet which can't be copy or remade as same. If we see a face of a kid and was told that he's 100 years old, it is impossible. Which is same that 10-20 years PhraSomdej that were made can not be compare with the original PhraSomdej which made for hundreds of years.
PhraSomdej by Somdej PhraPuttajarn Toh(Phromrangsri) is the best and highest of all Buddha amulet in Thailand, people given name "Emperor of amulets" that everyone want to have and searching for, the amulet are admired by all collectors and markets. PhraSomdej is 1 of Benjapakee, top 5 amulets of Thailand.
PhraSomdej WatRakhang PimYai
Thailand precious holy items.
1. Creator which is Somdej Phraputtajarn Toh (Promarangsri) the best monk ever, legendary guru monk of Thailand, one with miracle blessing, full of Dharma, full of wisdom, the most respectful guru monk for buddhism of Rattanagosin era.
2. Budhist art and mould designed is unique, beautiful, full of details. Image of Buddha meditate on the 3 bases lines, covered with curve frame, sharp hair style regards thai Buddha with sharp wisdom, square/triangle/circle/line mixed into perfect designed Buddha amulet. Could say that PhraSomdej is the one masterpiece of Buddha amulet from Thailand.
3. Materials and ingredients that used to made PhraSomdej, mainly PhraSomdej image can tell that the amulet made of lime, mixed with holy powder, same with other few made in the same era like PhraSomdej Arahung, PhraWatPlub, PhraKru WatSampleam, PhraKru WatNgernklongtei. Can say that PhraSomdej is a very first batch of all molded lime amulets and master moulds type that temple and monks followed the same way to create amulet for 150 years. Holy powder amulet like PhraSomdej, the way to blessed/chanted is very hard and complicated, it's take days by days through the ceremony to make them consecrated, which is different than earth/soil or metals amulets. PhraSomdej famous because their ingredients/materials made, and that's why many new generation monks followed until present day.
4. Age and value of PhraSomdej. PhraSomdej WatRakhang by Somdej Toh made since b.e.2400+ (a.d.1857+) which is antique and precious buddhist art for 150 years old. It is recognize by expert and collectors that PhraSomdej which passed through time for hundred years, the skin/texture is shrink shown a material grain, split with small crack open, colour/texture change to the old look of lime and powders. All these keys make PhraSomdej so beautiful and powerful together.
5. Power of PhraSomdej. With experienced and story of those who wear PhraSomdej, their life blessed with miracles and supernatural power, it is part that they also have to conduct good karma in life too. From the past until present day, PhraSomdej blessing powerful power in every ways, for protection, wealth luck fortune, blessing by gods/devas follow, safe and secure which had prove and effective. PhraSomdej have high value in market and the best holy items with highest spiritual for people. 

Thailandamulets.com provide PhraSomdej the best of Thailand Buddha Amulets. Since 2003 there're many customers world-wide took PhraSomdej(check at sold section and gold case section).
Here is one of the masterpiece to learn more verify spots of PhraSomdej WatRakhang PimYai(PimNiyom big mould type) regard an original mould. *Not all PhraSomdej have rough surface texture, there're clean and smooth surface too depend on the ingredients. The backside of PhraSomdej also the same which can categorize into certain types.
1. Face of PhraSomdej look like bel fruit.
2. Open shoulder, the right is bigger than the left side.
3. The line of monk robe link between left elbow and left knee for PhraSomdej PimYai
4. There's deep dent below both hands.
5. When look by horizontal way, the 1st base is taller than the right knee.
6. When look by horizontal way, the 1st base is taller than the left knee, slightly.
7. For a well amulet that pump out from the mould, can see a right leg on top of a left.
8. The groove between 1st and 2nd base is the deepest, which is same level with a back ground.
9. The singha base is shallow and submerged under the surface, otherside is longer and bending right down. Make the gap between 2nd and 3rd base is most shallow groove.
10. 3rd base is dense and look strong. Left side the head base cut out diagonally complete with the frame line on the left.
11.The frame line is tight, thick and higher level than the opposite side.
12. The line of the print control frame lengthening from the top to the buttom corner.
13. The line of the print control frame lengthening down about half way.
14. The right glass case arc is higher than the left, the shadow has prove.
15. The v-chest type prove of ogirinal PhraSomdej PimYai AokV.
16. Accord to the original mould of PimYai Gate-Aeng-Sai, the head bend to the left side of Buddha.
17. Shrink of ingredients through time. 
Accord to Mr.Treyumpawai the guru anthenticator of PhraSomdej, the back side of PhraSomdej can categorize into 8 types. To verify the back side of PhraSomdej is no different than the front, we still focus most at the nature skin for the old amulet.
When SomdejToh pump the amulet inside the mould, he used a small size wood board to press the ingredients at the backside, bob it for few time so the front side attach most to the mould and also to drive out the air inside. Once done then Somdej Toh took out the wood board, when the amulet dry it leave the mark from the wood board, though there're different lines, some is deep cut and some is not, it doesn't need to have lines for all the back of PhraSomdej. Experts assume that accept than Somdej, the workers, monks/nuns that help at the temple would use different wood board and materials when pump the amulets as well.
Some of the amulet also shown materials grain at the back side very clear, some shown the dirt which cause by evaporate of tung-aew oils from inside the amulet, the ingredients holy powder shink through time for hundreds year, old dirt attached for PhraSomdej which kept under the pit of pagoda by Somdej Toh, and smooth skin backside of PhraSomdej. Here is some example of the quality masterpiece of PhraSomdej, with nature look we can tell easy of genuine PhraSomdej because fake is very hard to copy as this.

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