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Guan Gong & Romance of Three Kingdom

Guan Yu / Kuan Kong / Guan Gong was born in era of the Chinnese Three Kingdom Dinasty (165 - 219 M), originally named Guan Yu alias Guan Yin Chang. He was a very famous war general at that era till today.
He was one of the Deities who were adored by three religions (Sam Kauw). The Buddhists consider him as the Deity who Protects Temples and Other Holy Buildings (one of Ke Lan Seng Ciong Pho Sat). The Taoists adored him as the War Protecting Angle. Meanwhile Confusianists adored him as holy man and a model in terms of Loyal, Truth and Bravery. During the China Empire and within Qing Dynasty, Koan Seng Tee Kun was considerably adored together with Koan Im Hut Co. He was the Prime Deity for Protecting the Kingdom.
In the Story of Three States (Sam Kok) Kwan Kong was a General named Guan Yi (Hok Kian = Kwan Yi). Then how can General Guan Yi (Kwan Kong) become a Bodhisatva? As we know, Bodhisatva was a self-builder with full of love and affection. Meanwhile a General in the warfare era must have killed many people. It is very contradictive. But we should know that someone could become a Bodhisatva if he has extraordinary noble personality. Extraordinary noble personality of General Guan Yi (Kwan Kong) was Loyalty & Truth

In Chinese Buddhism, Guan Yu is revered by most practicing Buddhists as Sangharama Bodhisattva (simplified Chinese: 伽蓝菩萨; traditional Chinese: 伽藍菩薩,; pinyin: Qíelán Púsà) a protector of the Buddhist dharma. Sangharama in Sanskrit means 'community garden' (sangha, community + arama, garden) and thus 'monastery'. The sangharama refer to a group of devas and spirits who guard Buddhist monasteries, the dharma, and the faith itself. Over time, Guan Yu was seen as a representative sangharama guardian of the temple and the garden in which it stands. His statue is usually located on the far left of the main shrine, opposite his counterpart, Skanda.
According to Buddhist legends, in 592, Guan Yu manifested himself one night before Ch'an Master Zhiyi, the founder of the Tientai school of Buddhism, along with a retinue of spiritual beings. Zhiyi was then in deep meditation on Yuquan Hill (玉泉山) when he was distracted by Guan Yu's presence. Guan Yu then requested the master to teach him about the dharma. After receiving Buddhist teachings from the master, Guan Yu took refuge in the triple gems and also requested the Five Precepts. Henceforth, it is said that Guan Yu made a vow to become a guardian of temples and the Dharma. Legends also claim that Guan Yu assisted Zhiyi in the construction of the Yuquan Temple (玉泉寺), which still stands today.
In the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Luo Guanzhong wrote that Guan Yu manifested himself to a monk named Pujing (普淨) on Yuquan Hill on the night of his death, with his spirit shouting "Return my head!" From Pujing, Guan YuYuquan Temple was later built. After that he become a loyal Buddhist and later become a Bodhisatva.Here is the link to have a great story about Guan Yu from the Romance of Three Kingdom:

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